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"title": "Serverless with Firebase, take two",
"date": "29 September 2016",
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The past week I have been traveling in Sub Saharan Africa with Google and a team of other Google Developer Experts.
We had two full day Firebase LaunchPad days, one in Nairobi, Kenya and other one in Cape Town, South Africa. And I also kept the talk in one of the co-working Hub in Nairobi, the Nairobi Carage.

This was my first ever trip to Africa and it was fun! I cannot wait to get back there. We also visited the local Startup hubs and I was really impressed by the amount of enthusiasm and spirit that the local entrepreneurs had.

My presentation during this week was "Serverless with Firebase", a live demo of building a Social Platform "Fello". Source, Demo.

My goal with this talk was to give the audience the same feeling I have, "Lets do it", especially when building Proof of Concepts and Minimum Loveable Products with Firebase.
I do not need to worry about infrastructure and can develop amazing things in fraction of the time it used to take before Firebase.

I hope this inspires you to take a look at Firebase also, and give it a change in your next time constrained PoC, etc. release.

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